Influenced by both Italian and locally sourced ingredients, the BiCE menu changes colors with the seasons, offering both foreign and familiar flavors on each plate.

From our homemade pasta dishes and tempting desserts to our award winning “Cheese & Salumi bar, authentic Italian wine selection and specialty drinks, the BICE experience is the perfect combination of innovative cuisine and Italian excellence, combined with warm, hospitable service and ambiance to ensure a memorable experience.

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Bice Cheese Platter
All our cheese platters are served with fig toasted bread. As optional can be paired with our homemade marmalade, Italian Honeys and Italian Olives.             *Many of our Cheese Bar Menu Items are Imported from Italy and might not Always be Available
daily cheese bar selection
Selection of 3 Cheeses
Select 3 cheeses from our cheese bar menu
Selection of 5 Cheeses
Select 5 cheeses from our cheese bar menu
Selection of 7 Cheeses
Select 7 cheeses from our cheese bar menu
Daily offerings may vary:
(cow milk- SOFT)
Burrata is a fresh cheese,
subtly creamy and luscious. It’s a ball of mozzarella filled with cream and pieces of mozzarella
Caprino Cremoso al Tartufo TRUFFLE CHEESE
(goat milk- SOFT) Simple, elegant, soft young goat cheese with truffle
Mozzarella Affumicata
Smoked water buffalo
Boschetto Al Tartufo TRUFFLE CHEESE
(cow& sheep milk- SEMI SOFT ) It is a mild semisoft cheese, loaded with shaved truffle
Robiola Bosina
(cow & sheep milk- SOFT)Square soft little pillow contains a luxurious, silky paste with smooth, buttery flavor. It still has a tiny bite to it
Robiola La Tur-3Latte
(cow, goat & sheep  milk- SOFT)Light and fluffy texture. Salty, rich cheese with a thick, chalky, slightly sour core.
Vicchio Del Piave
(cow milk- HARD)  Deliciously nutty, it has a concentrated sweet, crystalline paste with a full, tropical fruit flavor and slight almond bitterness
Verde Capra
(goat milk- SOFT)    Semi-firm blue cheese with a decadent and rich flavor, goaty tanginess, blue sharpness and citrus notes in the finish
Testun al Barolo DRUNKEN CHEESE
(cow & sheep milk- HARD) Cheese aged under the residues of the Nebbiolo grapes which gives it a fruity and complex character.
Cacio di Bosco al Tartufo TRUFFLE CHEESE
(sheep milk- HARD)The long maturation balances the taste of pecorino with the strong taste of truffle, and it has a friable and slightly sour paste
Grana Padano 24 Months
Cow milk
Pamigiano Reggiano 18 Months
Cow milk
(cow milk- SEMI SOFT) Creamy and elastic texture with a garlic accent. The curd is soaked in red Lagrein wine
* Romero
Herb-crusted cheese; in the final days of aging, the pasteurized goat cheese is rubbed with a fair quantity of rosemary and lard. The essence of the herb permeates and complements the tangy-sour cheese.
Gorgonzoia Dolce
(cow milk- SOFT)Young, sweet and creamy blue cheese with a nice balance
Cocoa Cardona SPECIAL Chocolate CHEESE
(goat‎ milk SEMI-FIRM)
Chocolate and cheese unite beautifully in this Award-Winning
American Original. You can taste the fresh tanginess of the goat, the floral essence of its milk, all of which is muted after a couple of seconds by the cocoa powder
Moliterno al Tartufo TRUFFLE CHEESE
(sheep milk- HARD)sheep milk- HARD)
During the aging process the truffle paste is
Injected in the pecorino
Sapori del Piave
(cow milk- HARD)  * unpasteurized  16 month aged cow’s milk cheese. Made in Veneto, it is full flavored, with a rich, creamy nuttiness. After beginning salty, chalky, and mild, the crumbly texture is similar to parmesan, but softer, with those little gritty bits spotted throughout.
Ol Sciur Berries and Rose Petal
(goat milk- HARD) Ol Sciur means “the lord”. Washed in brine is sprinkled with soft fruit and rose petals which form a very high layer, wrinkled and incredibly scented blue cheese. Instead, the interior texture is compact, pasty and white, with elegant blue streaks
Sottocenere al Tartufo TRUFFLE CHEESE
(cow milk- SEMI SOFT)Sottocenere, mean “under ash”, is originally from Venice.
It has been aged in ashes to
preserve it, which include nutmeg, cloves, coriander, cinnamon, licorice and fennel. The cheese has black truffles in it.
Blu Del Moncenisio
(cow milk- SOFT)  An ancient recipe blue cheese with a pungent, peppery and luscious flavor
Quadrello Di Bufala
(water buffalo- SOFT) Rich, sweet, robust and buttery cheese with a buffalo milk flavor.
*Tet de Moine
(cow milk- SEMI SOFT)Delicate rosettes with a silky body which easily melts in your mouth.