A Darling Dream Blog: Date Night at BiCE

Date Night at BiCE

This past Saturday Tyler and I dropped Kennedy off at my Mom’s house and headed out for a much needed date night. I never realized how important date nights were until recently! Tyler and I really need this time to sit down and reconnect! It’s hard during our regular schedules because we are just go, go, go. I cherish the times we can hang out just the two of us and laugh and enjoy each others company. This past weekend we had such a great date night that I thought I would  tell you about it!
We dined at Bice in the Gaslamp Quarters Downtown. We both had never been there, but had heard so many great thing, so we were excited! Italian is our favorite and the fact that they had a cheese bar is what sold me. First we started with cocktails! Normally I would stick to Chardonnay, but their cocktail list looked so fun I had to try one. I went with the “Summer in Sorrento” and it was amazing!! It was probably the best cocktail I’ve ever had, no joke! It was light, refreshing, a little tart, and not too sweet! Not to mention, it was adorable in the mason jar! I highly recommend this drink if you stop in!
After we got our drinks we quickly placed our cheese order! Our waiter, Arnold, was so helpful. We told him which types of cheeses we loved and he created our plate based on that. We are huge cheese lovers so we told him to surprise us too.He did not disappoint. Talk about cheese heaven! If I could I would live off cheese, bread, meat & olives!! Tyler and I were having so much fun coming up with different pairings. I can’t tell you how delicious this spread was. I would go back for this treat every single night!
As stuffed as we were from all the cheese we indulged in, we were still excited for our meals. Tyler went with the rib-eye that was on special and I went with the beef tenderloin medallions. Both absolutely delicious!! I’m not joking when I say between each bite we were talking about how we were coming back. I tend to get nervous when we go to new places because I feel like my meal never lives up to the hype. I’m happy to report that both of our meals were scrumptious. I mean, look at that picture!! I’m craving my meal all over again
At this point, I was beyond full, but who can say no to dessert?! Oh and we ordered not one dessert, but two, haha! We couldn’t decided. We ordered the “Box Of Gold” and “Beeramisu”. Both desserts were great, but hands down the “Box Of Gold” was the winner in our books!! If you love peanut butter, you’ll love this! Not only was it delicious, look how pretty it was too!
I could go on and on about our experience! It really was on of those meals where we left feeling very satisfied and thinking about our future trip back. The service was the best we ever had in San Diego and the food was superb. If you are in need for a new date night spot, Bice should be your place!! Make sure you ask for Arnold to be your server. He was the best!